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Sau Paulo (YTS)
2023 Mar 15
Londrina (LDB)
$55 .00*
Sau Paulo (YTS)
2023 Mar 15
Belo Horizonte (BHZ)
$43 .00*
Miami (MIA)
2023 Mar 15
Nassau (NAS)
$81 .00*
Houston (HOU)
2023 Mar 15
San Salvador (SAL)
$103 .00*
Mexico City (MEX)
2023 Mar 15
Las Vegas (LAS)
$196 .00*
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Victoria (VIX)
2023 Mar 15
Brasilia (BSB)
2023 Mar 25
$776 .00*
Oslo (OSL)
2023 Mar 15
Bergen (BGO)
2023 Mar 25
$128 .00*
Sydney (SYD)
2023 Mar 15
Gold Coast (OOL)
2023 Mar 25
$100 .00*
Lima (LIM)
2023 Mar 15
Denver (DEN)
2023 Mar 25
$831 .00*
Leon (BJX)
2023 Mar 15
Denver (DEN)
2023 Mar 25
$707 .00*

Travel Deals for Mardi Gras

The time of the exhilarating festival on the ninth-largest cruise ship in the world is about to come. So it's time to dress in your best attire. You can celebrate this festival with your friends and family by visiting the places like Texas, Italy, and Brazil. All you need is a little spirit and, perhaps, some delectable foods to indulge in.

The Mardi Gras carnival, which features vibrant parades, parties, and beautifully attired people, draws thousands of tourists each year. Travelers can take part in the celebrations, watch the parade, and enjoy each moment.

You can take the help of for purchasing cheap flights to all of the cities that celebrate this incredible festival at an amazing price. You just have to contact us and then you will be able to find special offers on flights for this festival.

What is Mardi Gras and why is it Celebrated? 

Mardi Gras is also known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. It is a joyful day that will be celebrated in France on 21st February 2023. Mardi Gras gets its name from the practice of consuming all household fats before the Lenten season to prepare the passengers for fasting and abstinence.

What is the Purpose of Mardi Gras?

This occasion honors the time leading up to Ash Wednesday, which is also known as Shrove Tuesday. In this colorful carnival, people dress up and wear masks to celebrate life. Fairies, mythical creatures, and medieval attire are among the most popular costumes worn by Mardi Gras travelers.

When will Mardi Gras be Celebrated in 2023?

Mardi Gras will be celebrated on 21st February 2023. Fat Tuesday is the final Tuesday of the carnival season.

Which US City will attract the Maximum number of Visitors to Celebrate Mardi Gras in 2023?

Travelers can visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras as it attracts a maximum number of visitors. Around one million visitors participate in Fat Tuesday’s festivities and parades. 

What other Great Places will the Mardi Gras Carnival be Celebrated in 2023?

  • Los Angeles
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Venice
  • Sydney

FAQs Regarding the Mardi Gras Flight Deals

When and where is Mardi Gras 2023 Celebrated?

The state of Louisiana, including the city of New Orleans, observes Mardi Gras as a holiday. Around two weeks before and through Shrove Tuesday—the day before Ash Wednesday—celebrations are concentrated in the Western Christian tradition.

What is special about Carnival Mardi Gras?

The ninth-largest cruise ship in the world is the Mardi Gras. With a 180,800 GT, a length of 1,130 feet (340 meters), 15 passenger decks, a maximum capacity of 6,500 passengers, a crew of 2,000 people, and 2,641 total guest cabins, including more than 175 suites included in that cruise ship.

Where is the Carnival Mardi Gras ship right now?

Carnival Mardi Gras is currently in the North West Atlantic Ocean, traveling to US PCV > BS NAS with a speed of 11 knots (20 kph/13 mph).

What are Mardi Gras beads called? (Mardi Gras beads)

The beads, or "throws," as we call them, have been distributed since Rex and a few other krewes started giving out tiny trinkets to parade spectators in the 1920s. Glass was used to create the first Mardi Gras beads.

What do the three colors of Mardi Gras represent?

The three colors of Mardi Gras are Green, Gold, and Purple green represents faith, purple represents justice, and gold represents power.

How do you dress up for Mardi Gras?

When in doubt, dress in the carnival's official hues of purple, green, and gold. Consider wearing a green shirt, a purple wig, and gold body glitter, or truly blend in by wearing a rugby or Mardi Gras polo.

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