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Sau Paulo (YTS)
2023 Mar 15
Londrina (LDB)
$55 .00*
Sau Paulo (YTS)
2023 Mar 15
Belo Horizonte (BHZ)
$43 .00*
Miami (MIA)
2023 Mar 15
Nassau (NAS)
$81 .00*
Houston (HOU)
2023 Mar 15
San Salvador (SAL)
$103 .00*
Mexico City (MEX)
2023 Mar 15
Las Vegas (LAS)
$196 .00*
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Victoria (VIX)
2023 Mar 15
Brasilia (BSB)
2023 Mar 25
$776 .00*
Oslo (OSL)
2023 Mar 15
Bergen (BGO)
2023 Mar 25
$128 .00*
Sydney (SYD)
2023 Mar 15
Gold Coast (OOL)
2023 Mar 25
$100 .00*
Lima (LIM)
2023 Mar 15
Denver (DEN)
2023 Mar 25
$831 .00*
Leon (BJX)
2023 Mar 15
Denver (DEN)
2023 Mar 25
$707 .00*

Get your Cheap Christmas Flights with AirlineHelps

It will be amazing if you could find cheap flight deals during Christmas as that would mean you could bring more amazing gifts for your loved ones on your way back home. This page shall inform you of the tips you can adopt to get cheap Christmas flight deals. And if you need any further assistance just know that we, AirlineHelps, are always available for your assistance.

Book as early as possible

The earlier you can start making travel plans, the greater your chance of finding inexpensive Christmas flights and making significant savings on your vacation travel. To avoid the rush for these popular tickets, plan months in advance rather than just a few short weeks. You might also try your luck by waiting until the very last minute to get a resold ticket at a lower cost, but you don't want to put your vacation plans in jeopardy. To get the greatest deal on your ticket, purchase early.

Reserve Flights and Accommodations together

Don't miss the cost savings of the "flights + hotels" search if your holiday travel plans include a hotel stay. When booking lodging together with your travel on most websites, you may take advantage of packaged pricing to receive the best overall value possible given that both hotel rooms and airfare are currently at their peak prices (some even include car rental costs, too).

Cut down on your fees

These days, airlines charge ever-increasing surcharges for everything from checked luggage to upgraded legroom. If you're looking for less expensive Christmas flight prices, stay away from fees by packing only what you can fit in your carry-on, selecting a seat in the main cabin, and bringing your own refreshments.

Use your earned points/miles wisely

There are almost no seats available during the Christmas season for a fair number of points due to airline blackout dates and customers who book far in advance. This is one of those instances where paying cash now is a better long-term investment than saving points unless you have been banking points for years and have no wider intentions for them or are a Super Elite flyer.

Consider flying to alternative airports

Compare prices between your selected airport and nearby airports even though you may always fly out of the nearest airport to you. There may be cheaper flights available from nearby airports. Additionally, they can offer flights run by budget airlines that don't go to your selected airport. Depending on the ticket difference, even if you have to rent a car to travel to and from the alternate airport, you can still wind up saving money. It might be less expensive to fly into or out of nearby alternate airports (such as Long Beach instead of Los Angeles or Manchester, NH, instead of Boston).

Be flexible

One of the most important pieces of advice on the page. More of a mindset, if you must. If you're seeking a cheap Christmas ticket during this busy travel period your chances of finding a cheap flight for your holiday trip increases the more flexible you can be with your travel plans, including when you go and which airline you use. Having said that, there are two specifics below that you might want to mention:

Get on a flight early. Flying extra early is your best option for avoiding crowds over the holiday season. If you choose to take the morning's first flight, you'll be less likely to experience traffic jams and other stressful airport scenarios. It's also simpler to prevent midday fatigue and end the journey if you're traveling with children.

Book direct flights. Avoid letting your layover cause you to miss your flight. If at all feasible, take a non-stop aircraft to completely eliminate the possibility. Connections may ruin your trip, especially if you're traveling with kids.

Where can I Fly Cheaply for Christmas?

You can get cheap flights during Christmas to many destinations including the following places:

  • New York
  • Miami
  • Italy
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Orlando
  • New York City
  • Honolulu
  • Prague
  • Denver

FAQs about Cheap Christmas Flights

How much do typical Christmas flight deals cost?

When you reach out to us you can get as little as USD 79 (one-way) flights during the peak travel season.

Should I travel on the day of Christmas as well?

Contrary to the popular belief, there are a few chances of you snagging cheap deals even on the day of the 25th. However, the opportunities are slim which is why many prefer booking in advance.

Is booking a layover wise to find cheap Christmas flights?

Yes, booking a layover can increase the chances of getting cheap Christmas flights.

Which airlines should I choose to attain cheap flights during Christmas?

There are numerous airlines that you can choose from to get cheap deals, namely, Southwest, United, British Airways, and so on.

How far in advance should I book Christmas flights?

You can book 2 to 3 months in advance for your Christmas flights.


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