How to Pick my Seat on Spirit Airlines?

How to Pick my Seat on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is one of the major American ultra-low-cost carriers. The headquarters of Spirit Airlines is in Miramar, Florida. It offers flights to 47domestic destinations and 28International destinations. It flies to more than 18 countries including Aruba, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Sint, etc.

Spirit randomly assigns a seat to its passenger at check-in for free but it doesn’t guarantee that the passenger will sit with their family and friends. But it offers the passenger the facility to purchase a seat assignment and choose the seat they want. Seat assignment on Spirit starts at $5 and it may vary according to specific route and location. Read the content below to know more about the seats offered by Spirit Airlines and to know about the process to pick a seat on Spirit Airlines.

Seat Offered on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines will usually find you a spot after you've made your spirit reservations, however, if you are not happy with the seat offered randomly by the Spirit and you want to travel with more comfort, here’s the list of seats offered by Spirit Airlines.

Big Front Seats

Spirit Airlines’ Big Front Seats are larger seats for those who need more space in their flight. You will travel with more comfort by choosing a Big Front Seat which is 36” pitch and has 18.5” width and also a full 6” additional legroom. These are available on the first row of Spirit Flight and it offers 32% more legroom than Deluxe Leather Seat. You may have to pay $100 or more per flight on choosing a Big front seat on Spirit Airlines. It may cost lesser for shorter routes.

Deluxe Leather Seats

Spirit Deluxe Leather seats are about 17 ½ inches wide and 28-inch pitch. It doesn’t have a reclining feature and has less legroom and width than Big Front Seat. Depending on a route it may cost between $1 to $50.

Exit Seats

Exit Seats offers up to 10inches more legroom and it costs between $1 to $50 to reserve Exit Seats on Spirit. A person choosing exit seats on a Spirit Airlines flight must be 15 years and older and able to perform all the applicable functions without the assistance of an adult companion, parent, or other relatives.

Other seat options available to passengers on Spirit Airlines flights are Non-Window and Priority seats.

How Do I Pick my Seat on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit airlines assign seats to its passengers at random when they check in and it is free but maybe you will not get the opportunity to sit with your close ones. You can pick a seat on Spirit as per your choice by purchasing seat assignments online using the “My Trips” section on the homepage of their official website or during Online Check-in (within 24hours of departure).

Here’s how you can pick a seat on Spirit Airlines in quick steps

  • Visit their official website
  • Now, under the header section, select the "My Trips" option. You may use this option to change or cancel your flight, as well as add extra luggage or seat assignments.
  • After you've entered your confirmation code and last name, click continue to proceed.
  • Now you can select the seat of your choice.
  • Now you will be charged for the seat you choose.

You may pick the seat of your choosing on spirit airlines in a few methods. The first is to call the spirit airlines flight reservation number, and the second is to call Airlinehelps, where you can obtain extra savings of up to 20%. 

How much does it Cost to Choose Seats on Spirit?

You can get a seat assignments start at just $5 per seat from Spirit Airlines.

How Late I can Select a Seat on Spirit Airlines?

You can select a seat online by purchasing it up to 1.5 hours before scheduled departure. You can purchase a seat through Spirit Online Check-in Process.

How Do I Contact the Spirit Airlines Customer Service Team?

You can contact spirit airline's customer service team by contacting them on their official customer service number- 1 (855) 728-3555.

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