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One of the most renowned and affordable airlines in the USA is Sun Country Airlines. With its headquarters in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the airline serves over 54 key major locations. It is recognized for offering customers first-class amenities and services at reasonable costs.

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What is the Process of Sun Country Airlines Flight Booking?

The process to reserve your Sun Country Airlines flight booking is quite simple and can be done right from the comfort of your house. You can follow the steps mentioned below to know more:

  • You can open your preferred browser and visit the official website of the airline.
  • Select the “Flights” option to begin the process of flight booking with Sun Country.
  • Enter the itinerary details such as origin and destination airports.
  • Select the date of the flight’s departure.
  • Then click on the “Search” option to be navigated to the available flight page.
  • Select the flight that best suits your travel plans.
  • Pay for your flight ticket and then you will receive an email with the message of confirming your booking.

What does the Sun Country Change Flight Policy state?

If possible, attempt to make changes to your ticket within 24 hours of the time of booking if you want to obtain a free flight change on Sun Country Airlines. But remember that it only works if your departures are at least seven days apart.

In accordance with the guidelines, the Sun Country change flight charge is roughly USD 100. However, the challenge increases if you try to complete it on the day of departure.

Sun Country also permits changes to same-day flights up to three hours before departure. The only difference is that there is a fine involved.

If you change your flight itinerary, you must travel with Sun Country alone and stick with the same route and destination.

Changing flights between 59 and 14 days prior to departure will cost you $50 USD. However, if changes are made fewer than 14 days before departure, each segment costs $100 USD.

The airline won't charge you if you need to change your flight due to the death of a family member or another serious medical issue.

What is the Process of Sun Country Manage my Flight Booking?

  • Visit Sun Country Airlines' main website from your preferred browser.
  • Select the Login tab, then finish the sign-in procedure.
  • Browse the homepage's "My Trip" section.
  • To locate the trip, use your reservation code and the passenger's last name.
  • Decide which journey you want to modify.
  • Select "Change Flights" from the menu.
  • Make the necessary adjustments in accordance with the requirements, then select the proceed tab.
  • If paying the flight change fee is necessary, go to the payment section and do it in accordance with the available options.
  • Your registration credentials will be on a new ticket that the airline will send you. You can choose how to obtain a new ticket.

Sun Country Airlines Flight Change Fee

In accordance with the day of the flight's departure, the airline dispersed the change charge. Passengers must pay the Sun Country Airlines Change Fee of USD 50 when they change their travel plans within 14 to 59 days of the departure date.

If you want to make adjustments less than 13 days before your flight, you must pay Sun Country Airlines a change fee of $100 USD. The airline has decreased the charge for changes.

The airline used to charge a 60 USD change fee for changes made by travelers 60 days or more prior to departure. The airline imposed a USD 120 change fee on travelers who requested adjustments within 0 to 59 days.

What does the Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy say?

  • If you want to know how to cancel a flight with Sun Country Airlines, you must be familiar with the Sun Country cancellation policy. This policy will simplify things for you and increase the likelihood that you will get a refund.
  • If you cancel your Sun Country Airlines flight reservation within 24 hours of making it, you won't be charged a cancellation fee and will get a full refund; however, your Sun Country flights must depart at least a week after you've been successful in making the reservation.
  • If you decide to cancel after the 24-hour timeframe, there will be a fixed cost. Depending on the type of ticket and the amount of time till departure, it could change.
  • You have the right to change your trip's departure date for the day before it, in the event that a family member or other close relative passes away unexpectedly. To cancel a flight reservation, go to the Sun Country Airlines website or call their customer service department.

Does Sun Country have a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?

Sun Country does have a 24-hour cancellation policy which you should adhere to so that you can smoothly cancel your flights and save money. According to the law, you are not obligated to pay any cancellation fees if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of buying your ticket. After that, you should have 168 hours till your flight departs.

You can immediately contact Sun Country Airlines Customer Service number if you have any issues, and you can also learn more about the airline's refund policy. Sun Country Airlines Customer Support department is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and will take care of any problems you may have.

What is the Sun Country Airlines Refund Policy?

For passengers, the airline has outlined a distinct refund policy. Check out the crucial details of Sun Country Refund policy.

  • If you made your reservation seven days before your flight's departure and you canceled your reservation within 24 hours of making it, you are entitled to a full refund.
  • When the 24-hour grace period has passed, you will receive the refund less the cancellation cost. The kind of ticket you bought will determine how much money you will have.
  • If you paid a nonrefundable fare, you are not eligible for a refund; however, if your flight was canceled due to an airline error, you may be eligible for a flight credit.
  • If you are an airline premium member, you may cancel your ticket and receive a sun country refund up to one hour prior to departure.
  • Refunds are available in the form of points or credits. If you receive points as a refund, you can use them to book a flight at a lower price on your subsequent reservation, and the credit will be applied to the original payment method.
  • Sun Country Airlines is unable to process refunds when a travel agent makes the reservation. So, you need to get in touch with them for a refund.

Does Sun Country Airlines have a different Baggage Policy?

The baggage policy of this airline makes things a lot more convenient. As per the Sun Country Airlines Baggage Allowance policy, with your flight ticket, you can bring 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag for free. And the following restrictions are applied to your carry-on bags:

  • Personal items must not measure more than 17x13x9 inches and must fit right under in front of you.
  • Carry-on bags must not measure more than 24x16x11 inches with a maximum weight of 35 pounds.

And for your checked bags, the following rules are applied:

  • You can bring 2 standard checked bags with a maximum size of 62 linear inches and a maximum weight of 50 pounds (for each bag).

Call the Customer Support Team for Sun Country Airlines Flight Bookings

If necessary, dial +1 651-905-2737 to reserve your Sun Country flights. When you call Sun Country Customer Service Number, which is open every day from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., a real airline agent can assist you with a flight cancellation (Central Time).

In addition to calling them if you have any questions about your flights, you can write to them at the address below to ask about your flight reservations and refunds. The corporate offices and airport of Sun Country are located at the following postal address:

Sun Country Airlines, Inc

2005 Cargo Road,

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55450

FAQs regarding Sun Country Flight Reservations

How much does it cost to cancel my Sun Country flights?

You will have to pay around USD 50 if you cancel within 59-14 days of the departure. And pay USD 100 if you cancel within 2 weeks of flight departure.

How much is the excess baggage fee in Sun Country?

You will have to pay an extra USD 60 for each of the additional bags after 2 checked bags.

Can you change a Sun Country flight that is confirmed?

Plans can change at any time of the day, Sun Country understands this. So, you can make changes to your ticket online or offline one hour before the flight departs.

Are Sun Country flights refundable?

Yes, if you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of making the Sun Country reservations then you can get a full refund, provided that the flight departs at least 7 days later.

Does Sun Country charge for carry-on bags?

No, Sun Country allows passengers to travel with 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag for free.

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