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One of the major airlines of America, American Airlines is renowned for its quality airline services and values it adds to customer satisfaction. A luxurious and affordable flight is what American Airlines offers and hence becomes one of the most preferred airlines when it comes to flying. AA flight reservation is quite an easy process and can be done from where you are sitting.

AirlineHelps puts maximum effort to assist you in making flight reservations at ease. Travelers opt for the American Airlines flight reservations as it does not compromise with their comfort and along with that, it is a pocket-friendly airline.

American Airlines Flight Ticket Booking

If you are among those who wish to do everything online without ever talking to any representative whereas you can be spending your valuable time somewhere else, you can make the American Airlines flight booking online.

Follow the steps mentioned below for making American Airlines flight reservations online:

  • In your preferred web browser, open the official website of American Airlines,
  • Next up, select the ‘search flights’ options and type in the details of your desired flight, one-way or roundtrip.
  • Now, select the origin and destination along with adding the passenger details.
  • In the following step, specify the travel date and select the flight which best suits your trip.
  • Confirm the details and make the payment to book your American Airlines flight.

Normally, you receive an email that confirms your flight booking. You may also receive the confirmation through an SMS to your mobile number that is registered with American Airlines. Moreover, you can make American Airlines flight reservations via the mobile application as well.

How to Manage Flight Bookings on American Airlines?

Many prefer avoiding last-minute booking problems which is why they book their flights in advance. However, sometimes situations call for making changes in the plan and travellers are left with the question, “How can I manage my American Airlines flight?”

You can manage flight booking on American Airlines on the official website or the mobile application.

The steps given below will assist you to manage your flight booking on American Airlines:

  • Go to and find the tab of ‘My trips’.
  • After clicking the tab of ‘My trips’, you will find ‘Manage flight booking' on American Airlines’ page.
  • The page will ask you for your confirmation code and the first and last name on the reservation to redirect you to your flight ticket. Fill in the details.
  • Next up, click on the tab of ‘Find my trip’ to be guided to your details of the flight.
  • Now make the modifications you wish on your American Airlines flight reservations. The type of changes you can make on your flight includes: -  the date and time of the flight, cancelling or altering the booking, adding more travellers, selecting seats, and checking in online.
  • After which you need to follow the prompts given on the screen to make the necessary changes.
  • Apart from that you can even change your class to upper grade, but doing so may result in certain charges.

You will receive a confirmation mail or message on the given contact information once the change is confirmed by the airline. Just as it was for the confirmation of American Airlines flight reservations, you will receive an email or an SMS confirming your flight booking.

What is the American Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Unavoidable events are forcing you to cancel your flight booking? American Airlines understands the inevitability of these events and has made it easier for you to process the cancellation of the flight booking. You can do it conveniently by visiting the ‘Manage flight booking’ section on their official website. But before you do that, you should be acquainted with the AA cancellation policy.

As per the American Airlines (AA) cancellation policy, you will not be charged any cancellation fee if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of making the reservation. It is applicable to all kinds of reservations irrespective of the fares.

However, once the 24 hours’ threshold crosses, you will have to pay a certain charge as a cancellation fee. American Airlines has 4 different kinds of tickets and the cancellation process depends upon the type of ticket you chose to fly with. And the American Airlines cancellation process varies upon the type of ticket you have booked.

Following are the Type of Tickets and their Respective Cancellation Process:

1. Basic Economy Ticket

Usually, cancellation of a Basic Economy ticket is not permitted however, if you contact the airlines (or request online) within 24 hours of making an American Airlines flight booking then you can even avail of a refund.

2. Non-Refundable Ticket

If you cancel the non-refundable ticket after the 24 hours’ threshold, then you will be charged a cancellation fee. The amount of which will be determined by your destination, be it domestic or international. And after you cancel, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the total amount you paid while reserving the American Airlines flight ticket, and the remaining amount will be refunded as credit that can be used for future flights.

3. Refundable Ticket

Probably the optimal choice when booking an American Airlines flight is a refundable ticket as it allows the opportunity to cancel and avail of a full refund. Read the section of ‘American Airlines Refund Policy’ to get more information about this.

4. Award Ticket

If you have an award ticket from American Airlines then you should know that from November 11, 2020, American Airlines has removed all the cancel and redeposit fees.

American Airlines Refund Policy

As per the American Airlines refund policy and as mentioned above all the tickets of American Airlines flights are subject to a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of making the reservations.

  • The refunds will be initiated in full amounts excluding the service charges for reservations and the non-refundable taxes.
  • American Airlines does not provide a refund on the cancellation of non-refundable tickets.
  • Under the 24-hours American Airlines refund policy, the refund will be credited back to the original payment method.
  • There are some taxes included in the ticket fares that you may get a refund of. If there’s a written request, taxes are not imposed by American Airlines that are specific to destinations, you can get a refund.
  • There will be no refund of the taxes if American Airlines is obliged to pay regardless of traveling.
  • Refundable taxes will be credited to the original payment method.

American Airlines Baggage Policy

According to the American Airlines baggage policy, travellers can fly with one personal bag and one carry-on bag for no charge imposed with a few size restrictions and weight restrictions. However, exceeding the limit may want the traveller to pay extra baggage fees.

The American Airlines baggage policy states that if you exceed the size restrictions (62 inches, summing up the dimensions), you have to pay 30 USD, 40 USD, 150 USD, and 200 USD for your respective checked baggage. On the other hand, if you exceed the weight limit, a non-refundable fee between 100 USD to 450 USD will be charged depending upon the destination’s definition for overweight luggage that can vary from 51 pounds to 71 pounds.

FAQs about contacting the American Airlines (AA) Flight

Do American Airlines offer customer assistance around the clock?

When you call them, you will receive customer assistance every day of the week.

Which approach allows you to contact the airline the quickest?

By giving them a call, texting them, or sending them a social media message.

How long does it take for an email to be responded to?

The average response time for emails is 48 hours.

Who has access to the American Airlines app's live chat feature?

Everyone with an AAdvantage membership has access to Live Chat


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